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The Fish Net’ is a weekly community newsletter that shares the events, programs and meetings that impact Fishtown and our surrounding neighborhoods.


We at FPCK are the creators of the weekly Fishtown community Newsletter "The Fish Net".  Each week our Pastor and members of the church go around the community to distribute over 300 printed copies of this local community newsletter to ensure as many residents are aware of the events/programs/meetings happening in our neighborhood.  


If you would like your organization’s event listed in future issues, please send all event/program details to:
 You can also access 'The Fish Net' calendar digitally two ways:
1) By going to the calendar's website:
2) For iPhone and Android Devices - Download the "Team Up" calendar app.
When prompted for a calendar code enter:  ks37xo2ni1ai6nmu88

Sign up to receive "The Fish Net" via email (in a .pdf download format) every week: